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Patented Polymeric Cleansing System

OUR MOST GENTLE CLEANSING TECHNOLOGY EVER AVEENO® Patented Polymeric Cleansing System Provides Superior Mildness & Skin Barrier Preservation.

  • Naturally-derived, starch-based polymeric surfactant gently cleanses without over-drying or irritating skin
  • Helps preserve skin’s natural moisture barrier as it cleanses
  • Readily biodegradeable and environmentally friendly
  • Patented polymeric cleansing system

    Traditional Surfactants

    Traditional cleansers can compromise the
    structure and function of the skin barrier, leading to inflammation and irritation

    AVEENO® Patented Polymeric
    Cleansing System

    Due to their large molecular size, polymers
    minimize surfactant penetration into the skin

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